Friday, April 17, 2009

Crane Island

As part of my teaching, I do a demo for my students, creating an oil painting. I used to teach at a local art supply store, and this is one of the paintings that I completed for my students, as they painted along with me.

I call this one, "Crane Island," and it is an 11" x 14" oil on canvas.


Irish Spring

I teach a class in Oil Painting at a local recreation center. As part of my 6-week teaching session, I do a painting right along with my students, as a demonstration. We each work from the same reference photo, and that makes for rather good teaching of specific elements of the technique. Each student is able to compare his or her own work to that of others, to the reference photo, and to my painting.

The nice part of this teaching method is that when it is completed, I have created another painting.

This is the result of one of those "Paint Along With Bill" sessions. I'm calling it, "Irish Spring".

It is a 16" x 20" oil on canvas.


This is a nice still life that I'm calling, "Elegance." I like the old masters effect of still life objects rather emerging from the inky darkness. It is 16" in height, and 20" in width.
"Elegance"...Oil On Canvas...Available. This painting received a 4th Place In Oils at the Arizona State Fair, 2010