Sunday, December 19, 2010

Homeland Security

This is a painting of my back gate, with its unlocked padlock, its rickety hasp, and peeling paint. An ineffective, "watch lizard" tops this painting off for a piece that I titled, "Homeland Security", a visual dope slap at Napolitano, our present czar of Homeland Security. Since she has ceased to acknowledge the true threat of terrorism by re-labeling it "man-made disasters" I thought a bit of sarcasm was in order.

This is a 16" x 20" oil on linen, for which I received a "First Place In Oils", and a "Best Of Show" at the Arizona State Fair this year. It recently received an Award of Excellence at the Peoria Fine Arts Association Spring Show, held at the Arizona Art Alliance Gallery, in Scottsdale, AZ.