Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Glazing Technique

I use a glazing technique to create the works of art that are represented here. While some may feel that it is a complicated, time-consuming method, wrapped in mystical, mysterious methods, I have found that such is not the case, at all. Above are several step-by-step work-ups, exhibiting the stages through which nearly every one of my pieces progresses, on its way to a finished work of art. You will notice that the early stages of my process are located at the top of this group of work-up photos. The orangey-brown appearance in the first two stages is the Sienna-colored imprimatura (oil paint layer) showing through.


  1. Thanks for the help.
    I am studing your art. Your brush strokes.
    Love your work.


  2. Excellent in everyway,Thank You for showing these Great Art You have mastered a way that few ever attain in a lifetime!

  3. I realize that this was posted quite a while ago, but first saw your work on WC and was intrigued by your method, so have been using your glazing process in my portraits. However, I am starting a family portrait which includes five people - quite a challenge. I am "afraid" to begin, so thought I would study your method again for reassurance. I have found your method to work beautifully.