Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lady Of The Lake

I really enjoy painting flowers, but to place one upon a nice landscape, as well, is even more fun.

This painting of an iris is just that, and is one of those that I had a great deal of fun painting.

"Lady Of The Lake"...16" x 20" oil on canvas

I just recently had this painting juried into, and sold at the Glendale Art Competition.


  1. You do wonderful work with flowers. Discovered you on WC and absolutely love your work.

  2. A lovely painting, you seem to achieve a wonderful luminosity in your paintings, do you use the layer method of painting used by the old masters?
    Regards Purcell

  3. Hi Purcell,

    Yes, I surely do use a layered method, actually a glazing process, often used by the old masters. I really enjoy working with that method. I begin with a monochromatic, gray underpainting, over which I apply many color glazes.