Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is a 16" x 20" oil on canvas painting that I just completed.  Like my other flower paintings, I have used my glazing method in painting this one. 

I have titled this painting, "Pearly Pair"


  1. Your work is incredible! I absolutely love this!

  2. Stellar! Wonderful design and silky look to the irises!

  3. This is stunning!! I recently tried to paint a purple iris from a photo and can't get the little white lines quite right. Any advice?

  4. This is what I do for painting the white lines. I use a very small, pointed, round brush, and usually an abundance of medium. I just paint the lines in using white, while the purple background is still wet, or tacky. A bit of the purple combines with the white, creating a very realistic appearance. Also, I glaze my paintings, so I have probably performed the same painting of the white lines 3 or 4 times, allowing the white to "encroach" into the purple at one pass, and then allowing the purple to "encroach" into the white line at the next. This back-and-forth "encroaching", and "re-establishing of the lines, eventually creates an exceptionally realistic appearing line, as the glazes begin to modify one another as they build up in layers. That is probably the best way to explain my method.