Monday, July 8, 2013


This is a little, 8" x 10" oil painting that I created on a hardboard panel.  I call it, "Petal Pusher", and I may enter it into a local art competition.


  1. was reading your posts back in'13 about the flaws with alkyds. Wondered if your opinions had changed. I come from a music background and there was a general dismay with digital recording when it first came out. Most purists wanted to continue using 2" analog tape. However, now in Nashville you can find a studio without a powerful hard drive and most accept that digital has progressed enough that it's advantages outweigh the negatives. What about it?

  2. No, my opinion has not changed regarding the use of alkyd mediums with traditional oil paint. If you wish to use alkyd medium, then merely use alkyd paint to go with it. Even Winsor & Newton has stated that their Liquin (alkyd) should not have much Linseed Oil added to it, ....and....Linseed Oil is the very "stuff" of which traditional oil paint is composed.