Saturday, March 3, 2018



I decided to try my hand at some palette knife work, or as some would refer to it--painting knife work.  This is an oil painting on a 16" x 20" RayMar Canvas Panel.


  1. Hi, I saw your post in wetcanvas forum. Would like to know your paint medium recipe. Thanks Lisa

  2. This is my recipe:

    2 portions Linseed Oil
    2 portions Walnut Oil
    1 portion Canada Baslam
    2 portions Oil of Spike Lavender

  3. Beautiful painting

  4. Hi Bill. Lovely work. You've master the layering method. I'm sure you know that there are painting knives and palette knives. Not an arbitrary distinction.
    from Wikipedia:
    palette knife resembling a putty knife with a rounded tip, suited for mixing paints on the palette;
    painting knife with a pointed tip, lowered or "cranked" like a trowel, suited to painting on canvas.

    But we can make marks however we like!
    All the best, Sean.

  5. Hello, I saw your comment on Wet Canvas about diluting Gamvar Varnish with Gamsol to create a retouch varnish. You said 1 to 3 parts. So which is 1 part and which is 3 parts? Thanks much.

    1. I would have thought I'd have suggested 1 to 1, but if I did suggest 1 to 3, that would be 1 part GamVar Varnish to 3 parts Gamsol.

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